How Does Work?

A BRC token is a digital currency. The BRC token is the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem. If you want to pay for services provided by, you pay in BRC. Much like you use USD to buy services in the United States.

Designed for smart contracts, the Move programming language empowers developers to create applications simply, securely, and swiftly. Developed, tested, and proven over years of research, Move is uniquely complemented by the safety, flexibility, and performance of the Brainy Chain blockchain—making Brainy Chain the best place to deploy Move-based applications.

How to claim Brainy Chain?

Brainy Chain is the governance token of, with a total issuance of only 40,000. Among them, 8,000 Brainy Chain tokens for community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. 4,000 Brainy Chain tokens for presale, and the presale price is 1 BNB = 50 Brainy Chain. After the presale is completed, Brainy Chain will be listed on Uniswap, Hotbit, Binance and Coinbase exchanges immediately. Brainy Chain tokens can now be obtained by participating in Brainy Chain airdrop or presale. After presale is completed, you can buy Brainy Chain through exchanges.


Airdrop Rules

● The amount for airdrop is 4,000 Brainy Chain tokens.

● Send an BNB wallet address to participate in airdrop. Every participant can get 0.05 Brainy Chain tokens by participating in airdrop. Copy and share your referral link to your friends, you will be rewarded 0.01 Brainy Chain tokens for per each referral.

● Each person can invite up to 1,000 people, and the reward can be up to 100 Brainy Chain Tokens.


Airdrop Details

● The Brainy Chain airdrop will end on April 1. After the airdrop ends, Brainy Chain tokens will be automatically distributed to your submitted BNB wallet address.

● If the presale is completed in advance, the airdrop distribution and Brainy Chain listing will be advanced.

● Please do real referral. If our system discovered unwanted activities known as cheating, the reward will be removed during distribution.


Pre-sale Rules

● The amount for presale is 4,000 Brainy Chain tokens.

● Pre-sale time: 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-29 (UTC-7).

● Pre-sale price 1 BNB = 50 BRC. Mini buy 0.1 BNB, Max buy 10 BNB.

● Use your wallet to send BNB to the presale address provided on this platform. Our system will automatically send BRC tokens to your wallet instantly. You can send BNB any amount.


Pre-sale Details

● The distribution of Brainy Chain will be based on BNB time arrived. First come, first served.

● Once the presale is over. 30% of the funds raised will be locked in Uniswap liquidity. Similarly, 30% of the funds raised will be used for listing on Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and Hotbit exchanges. The other 40% of the funds raised will be used to buyback Brainy Chain tokens after Pre-sale. This action will prevent people from dumping.

Pre-sale is live

Pre-Sale Address 0xAb9eEf051F0ea67B33890C3286FBA016F82b354e

● Pre-sale quantity: 4,000 Brainy Chain.

● Pre-sale price: 1 BNB = 50 Brainy Chain.

Mini buy is 0.1 BNB, and max buy is 25 BNB.

Send BNB from your wallet to the presale address above. Our system will send Brainy Chain tokens to your wallet immediately.

Token Name Brainy Chain
Token Symbol BRC
Decimals 18
Contract Address 0x1d362f8C3f9F49Fc42E660c0bA7335D61b6a2dFc
Blockchain BSC (BEP20)
Total Supply 40,000

Brainy Chain Airdrop

Register when platform is new, and don't attempt to create multi account. Be warned.
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Brainy Chain Tokenomics

There are a total of 40,000 Brainy Chain tokens that will be distributed. Here's a breakdown of the Brainy Chain token:

Total Token Supply 40,000 Brainy Chain
  • Pre-sale
  • Community Airdrop
  • Farm, Staking, Pools, Liquidity
  • Burn
  • Team and Development
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